The series proposed here tackles the arrival of a child as a revolutionary event inside existence, a hurricane that destroys all boundaries and wisdom of all types, known until then. Suddenly, in an increasingly egocentric world, where the focus is on the I/Reason/Control, a work that invites us to reflect upon the beauty entailed in giving in to love is as welcome as it is necessary.

Celebration of Bewilderment

I planted a tree that bore fruit, and I enjoyed many books. Till then, an order and a sense. And there came a child, my child. Now I am with others; my well-being depends not just on me, and me alone, but on the joyful existence of others. So simple, so clear, so fragile. So difficult it is to quieten the voice in our head. What is to be done with has been learnt? With the unresolved issues? With the goals set?


To surrender your body and your soul, to dispel anxiety; there is no other manipulation or speculation possible other than surrender.

To lay down weapons and shields

I ran out of ideas; there is no book to go by; I lost my mind; I’m at sixes and sevens and the ducks are no longer in a row. The clocks went nuts and I am con-fused in a land of happy-go-lucky unknowns.

I am very much off (my known) limits, to a point in which the world has turned:

Unpredictable, surreal, prodigious

I lose focus, I get disconcerted, I slip and I surrender myself: It turns out that –despite all the doubting, all the daily collisions, all the internal and external chaos– it is wonderful.

Hallelujah! Let’s celebrate!

Dedicated to León.

Candelaria Magliano, Argentine. 2010